ManufacturingBakels Edible Oils operates a modern refining operation for food oil processing, strategically located within close proximity to the Port of Tauranga, New Zealand's largest export port.

Our ability to manage bulk raw materials is made possible by our onsite tank farm facility comprising of 36 silos, capable of storing 1900MT of raw materials and a further 750MT of processed products. Storage of finished product is able to be accommodated with nitrogen blanketing and temperature controlled environments.

The manufacturing operation of Bakels Edible Oils is licenced for both dairy and beef fat products and our Critical Hygiene Area located within the manufacturing operation meets Ministry for Primary Industries animal products standards.

Two Deodorisers are employed within the operation to accommodate the processing needs of the products manufactured. Additional processing equipment allows physical and chemical refining capability. With the volume of product processed, Bakels runs a 24/7 operation.

Other operational facilities include a Fractionation Plant, Rework Plant and two "state of the art" Scrape Surface Heat Exchangers capable of producing products ranging from Retail Butter Blends and Margarines through to Shortenings and Specialty Bakery Fats.

With the wide range of products able to be produced on site, Bakels offers packaging within its Finishing Hall in a range of sizes and types from 250g retail tubs through to 1000L IBC's